Welcome to Monkey Bar Gym Missoula!

Welcome to Monkey Bar Gym Missoula!

This is not your typical gym. 

Monkey Bar Gym Missoula is a unique fitness experience. We step off the machines and away from the mirrors.  We teach and train the four, basic functional fitness skills: running, jumping, crawling, and climbing. Mastering these movements will provide you with all the stability, strength and power you need for all of your favorite activities. What’s more, you will never work out alone because in our gym, we’re committed to teamwork.  We are a community of people who work hard and play hard to help you stay fit for life!

With a unique type of exercise that engages the entire body and mind, we build useable skills along with lasting strength and confidence.  The Monkey Bar Gym celebrates diversity of people, body-types, abilities, and activities – mixing fun with work and individualized challenges with helping each other. MBG members are empowered to progress in a challenging, non-discriminating environment.

Our Mission: To change the way the world looks at health and fitness.

Let the Revolution Begin!