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Why Choose Monkey Bar Gym?

Choosing the right gym can be a hard task. When you choose Monkey Bar Gym, we commit to providing you with an effective, realistic, and engaging program that’s designed to produce results. It’s no secret that MBG workouts are hard, but all of our classes are tailored for every individual, beginners to advanced. We meet you exactly where you are at regardless of your current fitness level. We want you to experience how your body can truly function and move.

We offer daily group classes that are designed to progress you from beginner to *strong* over time.

You can join any time of the year with a year-round membership, month-to-month access, or on a drop-in basis. Give us a call, text, or email to talk about the best time to join!

We also offer at-home training plans personalized to your goals and equipment, semi-personal training, or special group trainings.  Throughout the year we offer challenges (group start and group progress tracking), seasonal skills and drills such as ski conditioning and mountain running, and other fun additions to keep you engaged like our monthly plank challenges!

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What you can expect

  • Complete workouts that engage the entire body
  • Non-discriminating, fun environment
  • Trainers who work with you to strengthen and restore your body to optimum health
  • Workouts tailored for every individual: beginners to advanced
  • Plant-strong nutrition guidelines to help you get more whole foods on your plate


The Monkey Bar Gym Difference

Our philosophy at Monkey Bar Gym is based on three foundations that build on one another to produce a healthy lifestyle and real results: Natural Training, Eischens Yoga, and Plant-based Nutrition. These three components are what we refer to as the MBG3. We specialize in natural movements, functional fitness and bodyweight training. We use ropes, power wheels, medicine balls, suspension trainers, simple kettlebell routines, and more – no choreography (sorry we couldn’t even if we tried!), no machines, and no mirrors. We have an on staff Registered Dietitian and offer coaching, feedback, and support in leading a healthy plant-strong (our goal is 75% plant-based throughout your day!) lifestyle.


It's time to meet with a trainer to decide the best way to start your journey to strong!

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  • The workouts are tough, the vibe is fantastic - the results speak for themselves.

  • Life changing! Best gym I have ever been to.

  • I catch myself smiling in the middle of a workout at MBGM, and think, am I really having this much fun in a gym?

  • Thank you so much for everything. I feel strong and am motivated to keep getting stronger. Thank you for bringing such a rad, special, EFFECTIVE program to Missoula.

  • My main reason for not working out in the past was my inability to keep myself motivated to go to the gym on a regular basis or to push myself to keep working harder. I don’t ever hesitate to head out to MBGM though.

  • I can't thank you enough. This has been, and is, one of the best things I have done for myself in a really long time - if ever.

  • It’s such a fun way to achieve amazing results. I’ve worked out my entire life and have never experienced results like these – especially within a 60-day timeline. Most of all though. it is challenging, always feels fresh, varied and fun!

  • I went for a free week and was just so impressed with the gym. It's different than any other gym than I have been to - there are no mirrors and no weights.

  • Showing up to class makes me smile and I leave with a bigger smile than I came with. Everyone here is so encouraging. It's a place where you just leave your ego at the door and get your butt kicked for an hour! Because of it, I'm stronger and leaner and more confident than I have ever been.

  • I love the Monkey Bar Gym. I’ve never been able to motivate myself to go to a regular gym or even to pilates or yoga class. Over the years I felt my core strength diminishing, to the point where my ice hockey goalie noticed …


Where are we!?

We are located in the same building as Mismo Gymnastics, on the west side of the building.