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Monkey Bar Gym’s programs produce results. Our trainers are genuinely interested in giving you a great workout and helping you achieve your goals. Our hands-on approach and personalized attention will make you feel welcome and want to come back for more. MBG has 6 CNT Trainers and 7 Assistant Trainers waiting to help you meet your fitness goals. Coming soon- Trainer Bios!


Monkeybar Gym Missoula is proud to announce that the gym is now under the new ownership and direction of Heather McMilin and Meri Althauser, long-time MBG members, staunch supporters of the MBG philosophy, business-savvy Montanans, and CNT certified trainers. More information on Heather and Meri coming soon!


Tynille Rufenacht is Monkeybar Gym Missoula’s founding trainer and the results and community you find at the gym are to her credit! You will now find Tynille building tiny houses and biking her way around South Dakota with Murph-dog in a well-deserved retirement from MBG.


Monkeybar Gym was founded in Madison, WI by Jon Hinds, who sought to create a national brand of class-based training centers based on functional fitness, camaraderie, strength, and encouragement. We consider his vision a success! See more about Jon and Monkeybar Gym Madison.


Our philosophy is based on three foundations that build on one another to produce the most holistic approach in the industry: Natural Training, Eischens Yoga, and Plant-Based Nutrition. By engaging in these three foundations, you will learn the skills necessary to rebuild and realign your body, train like an athlete, and eat plant strong. Combined, these three aspects are called MBG3. We strive to change the world of fitness from being one of isolation to one that helps people and the planet. Monkey Bar Gym is committed to our members. In fact, our logo literally means "people helping people." Our culture revolves around the MBG community because that is what means the most to us as a gym. Our clients are our friends. We are not just a gym, we are a place for you to connect to a community of people. This is why our workouts are partner-based. This is why we don't use mirrors or machines. Monkey Bar Gym not only challenges our clients but our trainers & instructors as well. We are driven to do what we do in hopes that we have a positive effect on everyone's health and the planet's health.
Natural Training

We train naturally with no machines, no mirrors, and no egos. Our training philosophy will help you increase your strength, speed, and stamina and we will teach you to move instinctively. The goal of Natural Training is to develop highly skilled and strong individuals.

Eischens Yoga

We practice Eischens Yoga for restoration and to get stronger, balanced, and aligned. You will learn how to realign your body and improve your posture. The goal of Eischens Yoga is to rid the body of injuries and relieve stress & pain.

Plant-Based Nutrition

We promote eating a Plant-Based Diet to have a healthy body and reduce the impact on the planet. Embracing Plant-Based Nutrition will get you lean and reduce inflammation. You will learn the skills and knowledge needed to eat right for you. The goal of Plant-Based Nutrition is to feel light and energized.

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