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If you are ready to get serious about regaining strength, losing weight and inches, and joining a supportive team of active members, start at our Spring Challenge with a 60 day fitness challenge and receive 60 days of fun and effective strength at conditioning classes at Missoula’s only functional fitness and natural training studio. With a 60 day challenge you’ll start with a group of challengers, all vying to make lasting health and lifestyle changes using MBG’s unique methods.

Next Challenge Begins March 28, 2020

For your safety and comfort, the spring challenge may be completed online or in-person, sign up is the same for both! To complete online versions you will need to either be on Facebook, or able to download the app "Band" to your smartphone (preferred over facebook!) to view exercise videos and participate in our weekly at-home challenges! Email us with any questions,

What will you receive?

The 60 day challenge begins with orientation to include a quick workout and workshop dedicated to learning about MBG, identifying your goals and your starting point, and getting insight into using MBG classes to gain strength and lose inches.  We’ll go over our simple and easy-to-implement nutrition strategies with our registered dietitian on Saturday from 10-12. 


If you choose to complete your challenge online, you will be added to our online platform where you’ll receive a new workout daily and weekly mini-challenges and encouragement. You may come in for an in-person goal-setting session and measurements or we can complete this over the phone. 


You can easily come in to the gym when desired and work online when desired, you do not have to choose a path.



After that, you’ll receive:


Monkeybar classes are fun, interesting, and tough. Every day is different and will challenge your limits. Our Body Power strength training classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Bootcamp conditioning classes are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Find out more about our classes HERE and find our schedule HERE.


Meet with our skilled and supportive trainers for a functional movement screening, baseline fitness test, and goal setting session. Set your intentions for the 60 days and your trainer will help hold you accountable to your goals and commitments. You’ll be grouped with a small team of challengers with shared goals to help keep your momentum going. 


All of our workouts and movements are tailored to every fitness level, beginning to advanced. You’ll never be required to move past your comfort zone or to perform an exercise that may aggravate or lead to injury. Instead, our trainers work with you to ensure you’re right where you need to be: surprising yourself with what you can achieve

You will learn:

  • How to be fit for life.
  • How to exercise properly – the way you were born to – using MBG’s unique fitness skills.
  • How to use the MBG 3 to achieve your goals: injury recovery, weight loss, muscle gain, or performance improvement.
  • How to restore and realign your body with Eischens Yoga, “High Energy Balanced Activation.”
  • How to eat real food for fat loss, muscle gain, and lifelong health and happiness.

Why Monkeybar?

Monkey bar gym is the only Missoula fitness studio to focus on the whole you, designed to naturally help you to get strong – and stay strong – for life, using the MBG 3:

Natural Training | Eischen's Yoga | Plant-Based Nutrition

Have you ever been able to squat heavy weights on a leg press machine, but still got winded skiing, hiking, or playing with your kids? Able to do long bouts on a treadmill but still struggle running outdoors? Never been able to do a regular push up or climb the rope? We train naturally, using primarily bodyweight exercises following functional movement patterns including climbing, crawling, running, and jumping.  Our exercises translate better to your everyday needs for strength and exertion. READ MORE about our natural training.

To restore and realign the body we incorporate a unique, strengthening and restorative yoga practice called Eischen’s Yoga.  Your trainer will walk you through every movement, improving your proprioception (your ability to feel and internalize where your body is and what muscles are engaged) and restoring the body from the days’ work. This athletic yoga will increase your flexibility and range of motion.

At Monkeybar Gym we support all your efforts in regaining a healthy lifestyle, including coaching you in eating real foods – mostly plants – to feul your body for life.  Changing your diet can be the hardest part of your new routine and we will never try to force you into meal plans, potions, pills or gimmicks.  Our registered dietitian will be available to you to help with making lasting lifestyle changes and setting realistic goals and expectations for your better nutrition.

If you feel out of place or intimidated by the gym environment, MBG is the place for you.

No mirrors, no egos, just working out smarter with great support.  

How do we tailor our classes to any fitness level?

For every workout, you will have the option to pick the exercise option that works for you:

Your Challenge begins this Spring!

If you still have questions, contact us to schedule a consultation to evaluate whether the 60 day challenge is the best option for you- and to discuss all of our other year-round programs!

Photos by Cathrine Walters Photography