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... you're stronger than you think.

Prove it now, with a 30 day Challenge at Monkeybar Gym Missoula.

If you are ready to get serious about regaining strength, losing weight and inches, and joining a supportive team of active members, start now with a 30 day fitness challenge and receive 30 days of fun and effective strength at conditioning classes at Missoula’s only functional fitness and natural training studio.


To help you stay on track with your 2020 fitness goals, our next 30-day challenge runs Feb 1 to March 2, 2020!

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What will you receive?

Unlimited Fitness Classes for 30 days:

Monkeybar classes are fun, interesting, and tough. Every day is different and will challenge your limits. Our Body Power strength training classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Bootcamp conditioning classes are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Find out more about our classes HERE and find our schedule HERE.

Fitness Evaluations before and after:

Meet with our skilled and supportive trainers for a functional movement screening, baseline fitness test, and goal setting session. Set your intentions for the 30 days and your trainer will help hold you accountable to your goals and commitments. There’s nothing like finally having someone in your corner, rooting for you to meet your goals.

Flexible Options for every fitness level:

All of our workouts and movements are tailored to every fitness level, beginning to advanced. You’ll never be required to move past your comfort zone or to perform an exercise that may aggravate or lead to injury. Instead, our trainers work with you to ensure you’re right where you need to be: surprising yourself with what you can achieve

Why Monkeybar?

Monkey bar gym is the only Missoula fitness studio to focus on the whole you, designed to naturally help you to get strong – and stay strong – for life, using the MBG 3:

Natural Training | Eischen's Yoga | Plant-Based Nutrition

Training pushups

Your challenge starts February 1, 2020 by coming to any class!!

Sign up any time and contact us to schedule your orientation.

Photos by Cathrine Walters Photography