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You're feeling inspired to focus on your health and strength, let us do the rest. Get a feel for MBG by scheduling any of the options below:

ONE. Consult with an expert MBG trainer.

We want MBG to be the absolute best fit for you. Give us a call, text, or email for a one-on-one consultation. We will meet you at the gym at your convenience to talk about what inspired you to try something new and to focus on your health. We will introduce you to our facility and answer any questions that you may have. After learning about what your needs and goals are, we will help lay out a plan of action and recommend the right option for you. Click "Get Started" below and request to schedule a consultation.

TWO. Feel what it's like to work out the way you were born to, on us.

Jump in and get sweaty!  We save a few spots for new members throughout the day so RSVP to reserve a space at any of our classes. Each of our workouts are simple, yet effective, so you will have no problem jumping (sometimes literally!) right in and getting started. You may take two free classes if you have never been in before, then talk with our head trainers to decide if a membership is right for you. Click "Get Started" below and tell us you're coming to class, and what times work best for you.

THREE. Join month-to-month, or try a Fitness Challenge and be inspired to get strong.

Join us month-to-month! Just show up, join our community, and decide if you want to stay! Attend unlimited classes without committing to the whole year- cancel when you've met your goals (or join for the year when you decide your life needs MBG!!) Or, start with a 30-day Fitness Challenge.  With any Challenge you will receive the added benefits of fitness evaluations and testing before and after, and one on one coaching with our skilled and supportive trainers.  When you're done with 30 days we'll plan the best way for you to keep that momentum going toward a stronger and healthier you! Fall and Spring, join a 60-Day Challenge with a group of new members starting their fitness journey, just like you.

FOUR. Join for the year, and stay strong for life.

You know your health and fitness is worth it: jump in feet first with an MBG 365 membership. It's something you've known all along: your health and fitness comes first, and you can't overhaul it with a quick fix or gimmick. Take the plunge and see how your future you feels one year from now. We have options for unlimited classes, couples' membership, or part-time attendance.


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