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Join us for our engaging daily Group Fitness Classes- NOW ONLINE

To build and maintain functional strength and conditioning year-round, attend our weekly classes.  You may drop in, attend month-to-month, join seasonally for the summer, holidays, ski season, or running season, or stay with us year round full time or part time! Contact us to get started!
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The success of Monkey Bar Gym of Missoula comes from it's Boot Camp style workouts. Our group style workouts are led by a trainer who helps you modify the exercises based on your goals and fitness level. We train throughout the year and tailor our workouts to the (406) seasons, to include ski conditioning skills and drills, mountain running, paddling, and all sorts of general Montana fitness! Our members tell us that before they found Monkey Bar Gym, they had a very hard time getting motivated to work out, but with the engaging group-style classes at Monkeybar, gym time is now the "me" time they've been craving! The strength, mobility, and agility our classes provide reap benefits across all aspects of our members' lives.  Scroll to the bottom to see more details about our class styles and the benefits of natural training.

***Online Option***

While closed due to COVID-19 we offer all options exclusively online. This is via an app "Band" on your smartphone, or you can use the website Band.us on your computer.  This includes:
  • A daily workout with instructional video for you to do on your own. No or minimal equipment required.
  • A weekly challenge to get you motivated to stay focused on your wellness throughout the week, while building team spirit with our family! These have ranged from hiking challenges to meditation challenges!
  • Zoom group workouts, for workouts that can't be distilled into a 3 minute video we'll zoom it up! Yoga, HIIT, and bootcamp style workouts from the comfort of your home, while connecting with our team!
  • Online platform for joining our community and sharing only our good news from our workout bunkers!
Join our family- online and still together!

One-on-One Intro Sessions

If you're not quite ready to join a group setting and want to be sure to try out our methods, equipment, and typical workouts with a private coach, we'll work with you one on one for 6 full sessions, including at-home mini workouts, to get you up to speed and confident in the gym. The intro sessions include:
  • Movement screening and baseline fitness consult.
  • 5 intro workouts designed to introduce you to all of our equipment and terminology including:
    • Stability, strength, and power level exercises
    • Jungle Gym training
    • Kettlebells
    • Mat work
    • Power Wheels
  • These sessions can be one on one or small group if multiple are requested at once!
By the time you've completed your sessions you'll be confident in your movement and ready to maintain the gains you've started!

Individualized At-Home Training Plans

At Monkeybar we're experienced in prepping our members for all of their (406) adventures including skiing, mountain running, backpacking, paddling, and general thrill-seeking in the mountains! Our classes are great at building and maintaining fitness but if you have a specific goal in mind, or can't attend classes regularly, we will work with you to craft a training program that you can complete on your time. Meet with a trainer to set goals, timelines, and review your equipment, and she will craft you a personalized training plan, and will show you how to complete the exercises, to include strength, conditioning, skills, drills, and safe mileage and elevation benchmarks. Decide whether to include any of our group classes or personal training to give you the extra edge. Contact us now to discuss your goals!

Fitness Challenges

If you need a group start and coach to keep you accountable, start your journey to strong with a fitness challenge. We offer group start Fitness Challenges at multiple times throughout the year:
  • 30 Day Challenge: Rolling, start any time
  • 60 Day Challenge: Fall and Spring
  • 360 Day Challenge: NEW YEARS
Challenges include unlimited access to classes, plus a personal coach to work with you on identifying barriers to success and to replace your negative patterns with respect to health and fitness with habits that will keep you strong and healthy for life. Check out our challenge page for times and details!!

Personal Training

When you have a goal in mind, you deserve a coach on your side to help you get there! We can work with you individually whether you need to rehab from an old injury, get up to speed on fitness to be able to join the group, or just can't make it to any of our regularly-scheduled classes! Personal training can include one on one sessions, at-home workouts, or any hybrid of our services to meet your needs! Contact us to discuss!

Personalized Group Training and Team Building

If you have a small group working toward a specific goal, or wanting to work out a specific time not already offered, contact us to arrange for private group training for your team.  We can also offer team building workouts to your company as part of any workplace wellness program or for a fun office outing. We have fun workouts designed to build team cohesiveness while providing great exercise!

Contact us to start!

Class Styles:

Strength Train Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Body Power Classes

Body Power incorporates bodyweight, resistance, and functional strength training. Functional fitness and bodyweight training will help you with the movements you make every day. Though we reserve a time and place for simple kettlebell routines, this class is your alternative to repetitive, uninspiring, weightlifting. You will learn how to use your own bodyweight correctly and improve your overall strength and power. All our programs are tailored for every individual - from beginners to advanced!

What is our Natural Strength Advantage?

Build Usable Functional Strength The core of MBG Skills Training is the practice of perfecting movement skills: Running, Jumping, Crawling, and Climbing. We apply this practice in our classes to help you build the usable strength that is functional and can be applied to your daily life. Moving you through our progressions is how you will get strong and allows us to meet everyone at their fitness level. Gain High-Level Fitness In order to gain the high-level fitness that everyone wants, you must first learn the basics of movement and progression. Once you gain the skill of a movement, we begin to add resistance or speed. To make this method of progression easy, we consecutively use two systems - "Stability > Strength > Power" and "Static > Stable > Unloaded" v. "Dynamic > Unstable > Loaded.
Get Toned & Firm If you train like a bodybuilder, then you will look like a bodybuilder (big & bulky). If you want to get toned and firm, then you have to train functionally. When you use your own body for resistance, you build usable, functional strength and put on lean & dense muscle. This is the lean muscle that shrinks your body, allows you to burn more calories and makes you strong. Integrate & Strengthen Connections Working out in an environment that has no machines, using your own body weight for resistance, taking your shoes off to ground yourself, and stepping away from the mirrors to release the ego forces your body to progress naturally. At MBG, we follow what nature does and will teach you to optimize the skills you'll need to not only survive but thrive.
Contact us to start! Boot Camp - Monkey Bar Gym Missoula

Conditioning Tuesday Thursday Saturday with Boot Camp!

Put the fun back into your workout! In boot camp, you’ll learn techniques designed to challenge your cardiovascular endurance, agility, and balance. You'll engage every muscle in your body while maintaining a sweat throughout the entire hour.

Better Conditioning with Natural Movement:

Move Instinctively Learn to move as you did as a kid and instinctively like animals do. What could be more fun than walking on your hands or swinging from ring to ring? By following our progressions you will learn to move properly off the ground or through the air. Whether your movement is vertical, horizontal, upside down, backwards or forward, we start you off with the basics and progress you to optimal performance. Be Self Reliant Being self-reliant is more than just doing things for yourself, it's a mindset. To achieve your goals, it's going to take hard work, determination, discipline, and the will to fight off complacency. We are not here to hold your hand or to do the work for you. As your coach, as your trainer, as your friend, we will teach you the skills that are needed to perform better, eat healthier, restore your body, and achieve things you never thought you could.
Get Lean & Defined The end result of hard work is the thing we are all striving for. Getting lean and defined is a process and can feel like a never-ending battle. At MBG we help to alleviate this pain, by taking the traditional model of getting definition (lifting weights) and flipping it upside down. It should never feel easy, but it's definitely going to get better with every class you do. Practice Core Strengthening Dynamic Movements Most people think of core simply as abdominal muscles, but it is much more than that. The "core" of the body includes the hips, the waist, the entire spine, shoulders, and neck. All of these areas or sections of the body have the opportunity to collapse on every movement and it is imperative that we teach the body how to maintain alignment throughout all movements.
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