90 days unlimited strength and conditioning classes for you and a friend $199

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If you are ready to get serious about cross training for your summer events, maintaining strength, losing weight and inches, and joining a supportive team of active members, join us for the summer and receive 90 days of unlimited strength at conditioning classes at Missoula’s only functional fitness and natural training studio.

We know it’s easier to stay motivated with a buddy, so this membership is buy-one, get-one FREE.

Available to purchase anytime before July 15th, runs 90 days from sign up.

90 Days to build and maintain your base fitness for all that a Montana Summer has to offer.

Some Fine Print:

MBG supports a totally active lifestyle, and because we want our members to succeed and stay fit for life, we primarily only allow full year commitment to our program. Therefore, this is an intro offer for guests who have never tried the gym, or for our members who are committed to MBG but are unable to attend classes year-round for circumstances beyond their control. Please email us to discuss whether this membership is available to you!

"My 'gym' has always been the outdoors, but MBG is truly something different than your run-o-the-mill treadmill graveyard. I signed up for the 60-day Holiday Bootcamp and I've sweat through more kettlebells and lunges than I would ever do myself. When I am skiing, running, and climbing, I promise you, I feel stronger. You will too!"
Kati Burton
Missoula County Registered Dietitian

Why Monkeybar Works:

  • MBG trains you how to be fit for life, not only for a particular purpose.
  • Our trainers emphasize how to exercise properly – the way you were born to – using MBG’s unique fitness methods.
  • You will learn how to use the MBG 3 to achieve your goals: injury recovery, weight loss, muscle gain, or performance improvement.
  • We will ensure you’re able to restore and realign your body with Eischens Yoga, “High Energy Balanced Activation.”
  • Our summer training system includes exercises more targeted for your summer activities: running, hiking, climbing, paddling, and more.

The Monkeybar Difference?

Monkey bar gym is the only Missoula fitness studio to focus on the whole you, designed to naturally help you to get strong – and stay strong – for life, using the MBG 3: Natural Training, Eischen’s Yoga, and Plant-Based Nutrition.

What will you receive?

You’re ready for a strong, injury free summer, and we’re ready to get you there! Begin your  active 406 summer with PLANNING: Meet with a trainer when you begin your membership to set goals and schedule your gym days to best enhance your outdoor activities. 


Monkeybar classes are fun, interesting, and tough. Our Body Power strength training classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Bootcamp conditioning classes are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Though every day is a total body workout, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be outdoor-cross training, focusing on sprints, core, and legs.

Find out more about our classes HERE and find our schedule HERE.


Meet with our skilled and supportive trainers for a functional movement screening, baseline fitness test, and goal setting session. Set your intentions for the 90 days and your trainer will help hold you accountable to your goals and commitments. Whether you’re just hoping to stay active, training for a road 5k, or training for an epic trail 30K or beyond, our trainers are ready to support you. Better yet, coordinate your goals with your summer buddy and be even more likely to achieve them!


All of our workouts and movements are tailored to every fitness level, beginning to advanced. You’ll never be required to move past your comfort zone or to perform an exercise that may aggravate or lead to injury. Instead, our trainers work with you to ensure you’re right where you need to be: surprising yourself with what you can achieve

Contact us to schedule a consultation to evaluate whether the summer session is the best option for you and your buddy!

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Photos by Cathrine Walters Photography