10 Highest Divorce Rates Countries


The reports state that the number of marriages in the United States is steadily falling. In terms of divorce rates, it ranks eighth. Divorce is believed to occur in the US once every six seconds. Therefore, it has a divorce rate of 53%.


It is the cause of the early dissolution of a significant proportion of marriages in France. The divorce rate in the nation is roughly 55%. The administration has even launched numerous attempts to address this situation.


The two main causes of these divorces in Cuba are the country's extreme poverty and its appalling housing system.


Greater problems arise as a population grows because people are under more stress owing to deplorable economic conditions. divorce rates are 56% there.


In Estonia, six out of every ten marriages end in divorce, bringing the overall divorce rate up to 58%. It has been legal for a very long time in this state, which was formerly a part of the Soviet Union.


The country has a 60% divorce rate on average. However, it has been mandated that both partners must be above 21 and have been married for at least two years. Most typically, divorces involve more persons between the ages of 40 and 49.


In the middle of Europe is where you'll find the Czech Republic. Not only in Europe, but also globally, it has one of the highest divorce rates. About 13% of women and 11% of men in the general population are divorced.


The right to mutual consent is granted by the court to both spouses. In contrast, males divorce at a lower rate than women do. Men divorce at a rate of 10%, compared to 12.4% of women.


Portugal, which is on the periphery of Europe, has also climbed into the top ten due to its rising divorce rate. In this regard, it appears to be imitating its neighbouring country, Spain.


The country has strayed far from its Catholic history and now adheres to a new marriage trend. According to the most recent statistics, divorce rates are 68% in Portugal. However, the country still has a high marriage rate.


Each year, over 32 thousand Belgians file for divorce. As a result, the rate in the nation has surged to 71%, the highest in the entire world as well as in Europe.

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