8 Classic American Foods

1.) Reuben Sandwich

According to legend, the Reuben sandwich was created in 1914 for actress Annette Seelos by Arnold Reuben (yes, the same Arnold Reuben of cheesecake fame).

2.) Cheese Curds

Squeaky cheese, commonly referred to as cheese curds, is a common food in Wisconsin and other northern states. They are created after the cheese clots after the culture is applied.

3.) Chili

In North America, the definition of chilli is contentious. Some claim that authentic chilli does not include beans or tomatoes. Chili connoisseurs in some regions of the country, like Cincinnati, will advise you to include spaghetti as well.

4.) German Chocolate Cake

You might not anticipate the German chocolate cake to appear on a list of American cuisine if you are unfamiliar with its history.

5.) Cobb Salad

Traditional ingredients for the Cobb salad include four different kinds of greens, fried chicken, hardboiled eggs, bacon, bleu cheese, tomato, and avocado. Usually, while serving, these components are arranged in rows.

6.) Ranch Dressing

Since 1992, ranch dressing has dominated the American dressing market, and Midwest food is frequently linked to it. In 1949, Steven Henson developed the recipe.

7.) Chocolate Chip Cookies

We frequently hear that the chocolate chip cookie was unintentionally created when the baker accidentally added forgotten chocolate bits to the cookie dough in the hopes that they would melt.

8.) Apple Pie

We'll start with the dish that inspired the idiom "As American as apple pie."

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