8 US Cities To Avoid For Relocating or Travel

1.) Stockton California

Due to its high crime, poverty, expense of living, and weak economy, Stockton is a less attractive city.

2.) Bakersfield

California's Bakersfield has recently come under fire for having a high crime rate, especially in areas like property crime and gang-related violence.

3.) Houston, Texas

Texas's Houston is a sizable, diversified city that, like many sizable cities, has its fair share of crime.

4.) East ST. Louis, Illinois

One person remarked, "East St. Louis is the only city I've gone to where a cop told me to run every stop sign until I got back to the interstate.

5.) Jackson, Mississippi

The city of Jackson, Mississippi, is well-known for its violent, drug-related, and property crimes.

6.) Miami, Florida 

Miami, Florida, is a sizable and diversified metropolis with a fair amount of crime, like many sizable cities.

7.) Binghamton, New York

Reddit people have opinions about Binghamton, which they perceive to be a dismal place.

8.) Charleston, West Virginia

According to a Redditor, Charleston is having infrastructure problems.

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