Lucky Colour For Vehicle As Per Your Zodiac


They display enthusiasm, bravery, and confidence in all of their works. Hence, BLUE becomes their fortunate car colour.


Taurus Moon sign are extremely patient and have a grounded, practical mindset. For such individuals, the colour WHITE is the lucky car colour.


GREEN and CREAM would be the lucky colours for a car for the Gemini horoscope sign.


cancer tend to be persuasive, tenacious, and creative. Hence, RED and WHITE would be the lucky colours for a car for the Cancer sign.


Leo would be self-assured but also have a flair for drama and temper outbursts. Thus, GREY shades would be the lucky car colours for Leo.


You have a solid moral character, an easygoing attitude, and a humble demeanour. Hence, BLUE and WHITE would be the lucky car colours for Virgos.


Libra adore owning sensual and fashionable items. Hence, BLUE and BLACK will be the lucky colours for a vehicle for those born under the sign of Libra.


They have a devil-may-care attitude and are absolutely enthusiastic. Thus, WHITE will be the lucky colour for people who are natives of Scorpio.


Sagittarius adore soul-energizing cars. You favour styles that fit your modern lifestyle. As a result, the colours RED and SILVER will complement your personality and work well for your car.


Your zodiac sign's lucky colour for a car is going to be WHITE. You can select vehicles that are GREY in colour.


You value innovation and think it's important to get automobiles that will take you on adventures. Thus, the lucky car colours for Aquarius are GREY, WHITE, and BLUE.


You value aesthetics and like comfortable transportation. The lucky car colours for the Pisces sign would be WHITE, GOLDEN, and YELLOW.

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