Make your every day, a lucky day with these colors


If worn on this weekday, the colours white, pink, light yellow, and light blue are thought to bring good luck. They can also remove all of one's barriers from life, blessing one lavishly.


If colours like light orange, orange, red, or brown are worn on this day, it is thought to bring luck and charm. Vibrant hues uplift the spirit and are remarkably lucky.


Wearing hues like GREEN or ORANGE on Wednesday is seen as extremely lucky. Also, it is said that wearing these hues can bring luck and riches.


One sells flowers that are YELLOW in colour. Wearing YELLOW on this day is therefore thought to be advantageous. His life can be made or broken by this colour.


It is lucky to wear hues like RED, MAGENTA, PINK, YELLOW, and GREEN. Wearing colourful and printed clothing on this workday is also thought to be very auspicious.


BLACK or DARK BLUE in colour. As a result, dressing in DARK BLUE, BROWN, GREY, PURPLE, or SLATE GREY brings good fortune.


Wearing colours like RED, PINK, ORANGE, and YELLOW is good luck and brings good fortune because these are the hues of the sun.

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