Most Selfish Zodiac Sign


Hardworking and ambitious to a fault, Capricorns are renowned for these traits. "Sea-Goats might emotionally distance themselves from people and stop letting anyone into their lives if they allow their terrible nightmares to carry them away.


Pisces sign natives are renowned for their emotional sensitivity and intuitive nature. You might be perplexed as to how one of the most selfish signs could be so empathic and always offer to pull up a chair and listen to a buddy in need.


This sign is renowned for being obstinate and set in its ways, a quality that might come across as selfish in some contexts. Taurus has strict boundaries, which can be useful at times but also give the impression that it is unbending.


The Lion is a self-centered sign with a craving for attention, frequently going to great measures to have the coolest outfits, the funniest tale, or the prettiest house.


They frequently put their wants and interests first because they don't understand why they should accept anything less, says the author.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and has a tendency to put themselves first in all situations. Furthermore, persons born under this sign frequently assume that others want what they desire, which is "their greatest weakness when it comes to selfishness."

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