Perfect Valentine’s Day celebration for each zodiac sign


You should focus your efforts on something that gets their adrenaline pumping rather than the traditional roses and candy hearts because this fire sign is known to have a flair for the adventurous. Perhaps try something unique in the boudoir?


Taureans are considered to be passionate lovers, but they are also notoriously secretive about their relationships. You might want to change your plans for the expensive sundowner with your couple friends in favour of an intimate candlelight meal for two at home.


Being the star of the party or spending an enjoyable evening at home looking through old photos would stifle a Gemini's adventurous spirit. Instead, why not recreate your first date's setting to reignite the flames?


A Cancerian, who is ruled by the moon, finds solace in being appreciated and cared for. Instead of ordering your regular Chinese takeout, put the phone down and choose a recipe that the two of you can prepare together. Don't forget to make time in your schedule for a mid-meal snuggle.


Why not use this day to repay the favour and demonstrate to the world how much they mean to you? After all, a Leo's hot heart is all about passion and pleasure.


Make your living room into a cosy love nest by hanging some fairy lights, but don't forget to snap lots of pictures and humble-brag online for points.


This Valentine's Day, despite how counterintuitive it may seem, letting a Virgo take care of you will help them feel appreciated and needed.


To cut a long tale short, don't object if they choose a leisurely morning walk instead of the customary dinner and movie night.


A surprise Valentine's Day celebration will undoubtedly put them off their game because they are all about balance and harmony. Find a plan that will delight you both instead, and bring them some roses to work regardless; they deserve it.


You can forego the champagne and roses and instead engage in an activity, like a relationship card game, to get to know each other more thoroughly because a Scorpio is never in a relationship for the frills and fanfare.


A Sagittarian, the nomads of the zodiac, is constantly looking for the next big adventure. By whisking them away on a surprise weekend excursion, you may satisfy their need for excitement and make sure they don't want to return.


Since Capricorn is ruled by practical Saturn, the taskmaster who frequently infiltrates their love life, they always look for ways to make their decisions more realistic.


You will need to give some thought to how to make them feel special without inciting their intrinsic desire to swim against the current.


Valentine's Day is your chance to go all out on the frills and fancies because this water sign has a soft, dreamy heart and adores the concept of love.


A spa day for two followed by a romantic meal and a movie by candlelight is a tried-and-true choice, but how about making them something with your own hands to express how much they mean to you?

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