The Phoniest Zodiac Sign


Virgo is an earth sign, along with Taurus and Capricorn (who are not on this list), who are recognised for their stability, loyalty, and dependability.


Since Taurus and Capricorn don't have time for games, it is difficult to choose an earth sign as a phoney sign for these reasons.


Aries are noted for having a short fuse and having a wild, egotistical energy, which when combined can result in some dubious behaviour, especially in social situations.


Leos enjoy partying and being the centre of attention, just like Aries. To maintain their popularity and attract more attention from others, "they will pretend to like others."


The twins have a reputation for being contradictory, which might sometimes only be a result of their ambivalence but can also be a result of their love of gossip.


This cunning air sign, ruled by Mercury, is eager to "share your vulnerabilities with others in an effort to develop social ties."


Pisces are the zodiac's hopeless romantics due to their intuitive, sensitive temperament, yet they are also among the phoniest. These fish are naturally good-natured people-pleasers and will go to any lengths to make others happy.


You can never be certain if someone is siding with you because you're correct or just to keep things peaceful and avoid a fight.


Kirsten observes that Libra, like Pisces, "avoids confrontation like the plague." They are "obsessed with equilibrium and would say and do almost anything to keep the peace, even if it means abandoning their own underlying core principles," according to the scales sign.

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