Top 10 Foods That Define America

1.) Chicken and Waffles

It's simple to believe that chicken and waffles is a relatively recent dish given how quickly it gained popularity in the previous ten years. The dish actually predates the 1600s.

2.) Buffalo Wings

Although Buffalo, New York is where buffalo wings are said to have originated, the exact details of its history are somewhat contested.

3.) Grilled Cheese

The grilled cheese sandwich, formerly known as "The Cheese Dream," was once an open faced sandwich that was a quick and affordable way to feed a family during the Great Depression.

4.) Philly Cheesesteak

A sandwich with the name of the city that gave birth to America on it is difficult to forget.

5.) Hot Dogs

Despite the fact that the frankfurter originated in Frankfurt, Germany, hot dogs are today seen as a uniquely American dish, with variations found in every state.

6.) Barbecue

Few things say summer like superb American barbecue, from sweet, smoky Kansas City to zesty Carolina to the dry rubs of Texas.

7.) Cheeseburgers

The "Hamburger Steak Sandwich," which became popular in the 1890s, was the precursor to the cheeseburger.

8.) Submarine Sandwich

Depending on where you are, you may hear people refer to the lengthy sandwiches that are cut in half lengthwise and are loaded with meat, cheese, vegetables, and condiments as "subs," "heroes," "hoagies," or "grinders."

9.) S’mores

S'mores, a combination of the words "some" and "more," got their name because, once you've had one, you can't help but need more. S'mores were initially just graham cracker sandwiches, a favourite snack of Girl Scouts.

10.) New York Cheesecake

With its rich, creamy texture, New York-style cheesecake serves as a versatile canvas for toppings of all kinds.

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