Your Shoes Say About Your Personality

Flashy and shiny

Those who spend money on flamboyant, colourful shoes enjoy being the centre of attention. These people are extroverts who accept life as it is. Unusual footwear is a hint that you are a little noisy, but not ashamedly or remorsefully so!

Simple and practical

You have a congenial personality if you wear straightforward, cosy slip-on sneakers. When you're feeling charitable, you can even be generous.

Simple and practical

Whatever endeavour you undertake, you put your all into it, and your practicality comes through.

Old but well kept shoes

Some people only own a few pairs of shoes, and they wear them repeatedly. The shoes are stylish and well-maintained. People who own these shoes are sensible and responsible.

Shabby footwear

People that don't give a damn what they are wearing on their feet, whether they are flip flops, canvas shoes, or mismatched sneakers, are typically highly liberal in their outlook on life.

Ankle lengths

Now, hardly everyone has ankle-length shoes because they slightly limit your range of motion. Such footwear is typically worn by aggressive people.

Ankle lengths

Ankle shoes provide them the kind of ease with a sense of power since they have a certain etiquette that they adhere to.


Someone who wears bland, uninteresting shoes is likely to be oppressive and distant. They find relationships uncomfortable since it is challenging for them to enter one in the first place.


The fact that they don't care what other people think of them is a plus. They don't really give their appearance any thought.

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