Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Cheat

1.) Scorpio

Scorpios, according to Cosmopolitan, are passionate and devoted. They are the zodiac sign that cheats the least—only 3 percent of the time—so perhaps that explains why.

2.) Aquarius

Only 4% of Illicit Encounters' user base came from Aquarius. According to Allure, this sign has a tendency to be unconventional and free-spirited while yet being devoted to their mate.

3.) Sagittarius

Due to their disdain for regulations and limitations, Sagittarians, who are tied with Aquarius at 4%, may appear to be more likely to cheat. At the same time, they are always honest, according to Cosmopolitan.

4.) Aries

Aries comes in second place to Sagittarius with 5%. Allure claims that while Aries are passionate, they are also driven, and this tends to extend to their desire to make their marriages succeed.

5.) Pisces

According to Cosmopolitan, Pisces are attractive, loving, and considerate—all excellent qualities to have in a partner. They make up only 6% of Illicit Encounters users.

6.) Virgo

According to Allure, Virgos can harm themselves by "constantly seeking after the ideal." Perhaps this explains why, at 8%, they cheat more frequently than Pisces.

7.) Leo

Leos are approximately in the middle of the zodiac signs most likely to cheat, tied with Virgo at 8%. This may be because they are both devoted and protective, as well as self-assured and attention-seeking.

8.) Cancer

On Illicit Encounters, 9% of users are cancer patients. It may come as a surprise given their reputation for commitment and loyalty, but they also have a talent for luring lovers, according to Allure.

9.) Taurus

With an 11 percent likelihood of cheating, Taurus ranks fourth among the zodiac signs in terms of likelihood. According to Cosmopolitan, these "intensely physical beings" put pleasure first.

10.) Capricorn

Every Capricorn has a "mischievous troublemaker" inside of them, which may be why 12 percent of Illicit Encounters' users are of this sign.

11.) Gemini

It should come as no surprise that Geminis may be cruel, shallow, and two-faced. With a noteworthy 14% likelihood, they are the second most likely sign in the zodiac to cheat.

12.) Libra

The simplest way to put it is how Allure puts it: "Libras, when they are frequently partnered, must be mindful about seeking attention outside the mutually agreed-upon parameters of their partnership."

12.) Libra

Libra is the zodiac sign most inclined to cheat, putting up a whopping 16 percent of Illicit Encounters' user base.

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