zodiac signs as boyfriends


Aries can initially come across as a conceited, occasionally arrogant boyfriend. The kind of boyfriend you keep around for entertainment purposes only; nothing more.


If your partner is a Taurus, he will likely send you flowers just because he was thinking of you while he was shopping. When you date a Taurus, there will be plenty of romance, and he will work hard to make it happen.


Gemini is very enthusiastic about life, which he enjoys sharing with his special someone. You will constantly be doing something novel and surprising on the weekends when you date a Gemini.


Cancer is really simple to read because he isn't scared to be open about his feelings. Because you are never left guessing what he wants from you, this makes his relationships much easier.


Relationships don't really make Leo any less obstinate than they are in general. Even in trying circumstances, he might not always want to make concessions, which can be frustrating.


If your partner in Virgo knew you couldn't sleep, he would arrive at your place at two in the morning with ice cream and movies.


One of your most laid-back boyfriends will be a Libra. He's willing to do just about anything to spend time with you, which is good at first but can make him appear uninterested in anything else.


The passion and intensity that a Scorpio is known for with his partner is what fuels the majority of his partnerships. However, just because you two are enjoying wonderful sex doesn't necessarily indicate that this is his sole strong emotion.


Because Sagittarius is so charismatic, he regularly engages in sexual flirtation (which is also how you two probably met). He has an extremely idealistic perspective on life and believes that everything should be appreciated.


Capricorn is in it for the long haul, therefore he will exert every effort to make things work in his relationship.


Being by nature a very social being, Aquarius thinks going to a party with all of your favourite people would be a terrific date.


When it comes to relationships, Pisces is the underdog since no one realises his true potential before they begin dating him. In addition to being open to anything you want to do, he is also incredibly romantic and emotionally available.

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